1. Born In Taiga

     # First show of the new season !

    Hey girls and boys!! 

    Born in Taiga show is opening new season with some quality deep stuff!

    01. Simon V & Telmo A – Days Like This [Santorin]
    02. Kantyze – Good Riddance [Fokuz]
    03. Fracture & Neptune – Sagrada Familia [Med School]
    04. DatA – Curfew [Sound Artillery]
    05. Chook – Retrograde [Full Force]
    06. Icicle – Lost Hours [Critical]
    07. Einzelgaenger – Trans Am [Precision Breakbeat]
    08. SpectraSoul – Dark Hour [Critical]
    09. X-Plorer & Dee'Pulse – Escape [Shake Up]
    10. Thetaphi – Mission [Santorin]
    11. Monophace – Raptor [Krush Grooves]
    12. Cykom – Nightflight [Santorin]
    13. Bassface Sascha – Answers [Krush Grooves]
    14. Simon V – Broken Promise (Cykom Remix) [Santorin]
    15. Lynx – Counterpoint [Fokuz]
    16. Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) [Shogun]
    17. Craggz – Flick the Switch [Med School]
    18. Jonny L – Come Here [Mr L]
    19. Paul B – Have No Fear
    20. Thetaphi – Spread [Santorin]
    21. Turtled – It's Too Late
    22. Shimon & Gimble – Marrakesh [Circle]
    23. SpectraSoul – Alibi [Critical]
    24. X-Plorer & Dee'Pulse – Avalanche [Renegade]
    25. Dabs & Noxius – Intentional [Flight]
    26. SpectraSoul – Tectonics [Deep Soul]
    27. X-Zero – Numb [Protogen]
    28. Materia – Inversions (Zero Method Remix) [Protogen]
    29. 4 Red Eyes – Revolve [Hard:Edged]
    30. Survival – 1502 [Dispatch]
    >> Thetaphi – Rainbow Stout [Santorin]
    31. Paul B – Point of No Return
    32. Artefact – When Francis Speaks (Simon V Remix) [Santorin]


  2. Born In Taiga old Shows



     Born In Taiga

     Tracklist :

    1. Logical & Duster – Subjective
    2. Phace – Cataphiles [Subtitles]
    3. Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jeckyll – Worlds [Faders United]
    4. Masheen & Cannon Boys feat NC-17 – The Menace [Sinuous]
    5. Ram Trilogy – Reflection [RAM]
    6. Ekko – The Knife [Clean Break]
    7. Break – Passive Agressive [Critical]
    8. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Lost All Faith (VIP) [Defcom]
    9. Ram Trilogy – Titan [RAM]
    10.Black Sun Empire – Monologue [Obsessions]
    11.High Contrast – Methamorphosis [Hospital]
    12.Ram Trilogy – Chase Scene [RAM]
    13.Lomax – Brain Freeze [Spearhead]  
    14.Dillinja – Unexplored Terrain [V]
    15.Icicle – Numbers [Medschool]
    16.Lomax – Profiler [Bounce]
    17.Ill Logic & DJ Raf – Inside Out [Metalheadz Platinum]
    18.Justice & Invincible – Plink [Modern Urban Jazz]
    19.Sporophyte – Rascal [Translation]
    20.Enei & Ekta – Wind
    21.Sinistarr – Shareware [Junction 11]
    22.Ill Logic & DJ Raf – Rayon [Emotif]
    23.Lomax – Bad Cop [Critical]
    24.Atlantic Connection – Dimension X [Celsius]
    25.Enei – Orbital
    26.Ill Logic & DJ Raf – Soma (Ill Logic & DJ Raf Remix) [Emotif]
    27.Glitch & SST – Intake [Apparatus]
    28.Future Engineers – Night Trails (PBK Remix) [Camino Blue]
    29.Drum Origins – Know the Future (Cedar Remix) [Fokuz]
    30.Electrosoul System – The Vision [Subtitles]
    31.Kubiks & Lomax – 13 Senses [Rubik]
    32.Switch – Days of the Week [Rubik]
    33.CLS – With No Light to Guide My Way [Critical]


     Born In Taiga

    Ciao everybody!

    Some sci-fi new school vibes mixed with the finest old school this week:

    1. Marcus Intalex – Refreshed [Soul:R]
    2. Commix – Faceless [Shogun Audio]
    3. X-plorer & Dee'pulse – Freerun [Hard:Edged]
    4. Drum Origins – Different Groove [Fokuz]
    ]] Rascal & Klone – Promises [Emotif]
    5. X-plorer & Dee'pulse – Reflect [Hard:Edged]
    6. Pieter K – Trefusis (Remix) [Breakbeat Science]
    7. Klute & Calibre – Freedom Come [Commercial Suicide]
    8. Sixth Sense feat Sepia – Mystic Society (Pressure Dub) [Aspect]
    9. Cause 4 Concern – White Widow [Subtitles]
    10.Icicle & Nymfo – Shadows of Tomorrow [Critical]
    11.Citizen – Nothing to Fear (Aquasky remix) [Aspect]
    12.Commix – Midas Touch [Subtitles]
    13.Marcus Intalex – Wastelands [Metalheadz]
    14.State of Play – Play at Your Own Risk [Aspect]
    ]] Paul B – Shaggy Beats [Hostile]
    15.X-plorer & Dee'pulse feat Kabuki – KXD [Precision Breakbeat]
    16.Marcus Intalex – Paranoid [Revolve:R]
    17.X-plorer & Dee'pulse – Swamp [Hard:Edged]
    18.X-plorer & Dee'pulse – Lost & Found [Hard:Edged]
    19.Audio Unit – Velvet (Unfinished)
    20.Commix – Electric [Metalheadz]
    ]] Lynx feat Kemo – Global Enemies [Soul:R]
    21.Marcus Intalex – Red 7 [Soul:R]
    ]] Duster – Distemper (Unfinished)
    22.Lynx & Malibu – Mariachi [Creative Source]
    23.Commix – Perfect Blue [Metalheadz]
    ]] Lynx – Break The Mod [Soul:R]
    24.Marcus Intalex – Princess Warrior [Soul:R]
    25.X-plorer – Can't Stop [Precision Breakbeat]
    ]] Logical – ??? (Unfinished)
    26.Implex & Enei – Monkey Business
    27.Marcus Intalex – Out of Touch [Revolve:R]
    28.Klute – Feroxx [Commercial Suicide]
    29.Makai – Beneath the Mask (Alternate Version) [Precision Breakbeat]
    30.Sunchase – Xirod
    31.Break – External [Engine Music]
    32.Marcus Intalex – Instrumental [Revolve:R]
    ]] Dj Friction & Nu Balance – Movement (Stakka & K.Tee Remix) [TOV]
    34.Marcus Intalex – Wide Eyes [Soul:R]   



    Born In Taiga

     Tracklist of the show:

    Light Part (Soulful, liquid funk drum&bass)
    1. Cryo – Mermaid
    2. ESS – Beyond The Invisible [New Identity dub]
    3. ESS – Lounge [Strictly Digital]
    4. Turtled – Hidrophonic
    5. Turtled – Indigo
    6. ESS – Slice [Grid]
    7. ESS – A Nice Day
    8. Turtled – No Me Dejes Caer [Vibez dub]
    9. Turtled – The Human League
    10.Subwave – Believe Me [New Identity dub]
    11.ESS & Subwave – Universal Dimension [New Identity dub]
    12.Implex – The Shape Of Time [Fokuz]
    13.Sunchase – Timeless
    14.Sunchase – Searching [Thermal dub]
    15.Cryo – She (VIP) [Covert Operations]

    Hard Part (Tech step, neuro funk drum&bass)
    16.Dissident – Phantom Orchestra (ESS remix) [Gamma Ray dub???]
    17.ESS – Opium [Strictly Digital]
    18.Sunchase & Derrick – Combodjah [ELP dub]
    19.Sunchase – The Password [Cyberfunk dub]
    20.Morebeat – In Coma [Citrus dub]
    21.Flame & XZ32 – The Shield
    22.Implex – Pi [Mutacube dub]
    23.Implex – The Great Betrayer
    24.Tenebra – Prowler [Sinuous dub???]
    25.Prode – Rule of a Gene [ELP]
    26.Prode – Sun Influences [ELP]
    27.Paul B – Colony Six [Step2Zero dub]
    28.Reverb – Goblins
    29.Sunchase – Xirod
    30.Konflict – Celestial [Renegade Hardware]
    31.Desimal – Sun Signal


     Born In Taiga

    I'd like to present mix consisting of tracks of my friends and fellows from Russia, France and Czech Republic.

    It's easy in the beginning, then getting more heavy and heavy.

    1. Kantyze – Copland
    2. Electrosoul System – A nice day
    3. Turtled – It's All Ephemeral
    4. Subwave – Believe Me [NIR forthcoming]
    5. Sweed – Jetlagg
    6. Electrosoul System & Subwave – Universal Dimension [NIR forthcoming]
    7. Turtled – Claroscuro
    8. Redeyes – Find a way [Creative Source forthcoming]
    9. Kantyze – Sunset
    10. Paralyzah – Kamour [TAM]
    11. Youthman, Harry Hunter & Redeyes – Stolen Moments
    12. Sunchase – The Black List
    13. D Hut – Ann Rin
    14. Implex & Lysergic Lady – Luv Fucktory
    15. Ed Rush & Optical – Alien Girl (Audio Unit remix)
    16. Paralyzah – Only One Man
    17. Mind, Xeno & Error – Abandon [Tilt-Free]
    18. Reverb & Tango – Full Moon
    19. Brooxs & Youthman – Dilemma
    20. Cryo – She (VIP)
    21. Dissident – Fairytale 




     Born In Taiga / Guest : Implex


    Studio mix from young russian drum'n'bass talent Implex.

    Kirill Kalashnikoff (Implex) began listening to d'n'b sounds in 1997. By year 2000, he begins to write his own stuff and later in 2003 he gets his first releases – on russian label Resistance Music, and on US imprint Fear Red. Currently he has signed tunes to Soundcraft, Covert Operations and Shadybrain labels as well.

    Implex prefers intelligent neuro-funk sound.

    In French :

    Cyrill Kalashnikov né en 1983, vit à Saint-Pétersbourg en Russie, il commença sa carrière de Dj/Producteur en 2000. Rapidement les projets s'enchainent dans son pays oû il signe plusieurs tracks sur différents labels du monde entier comme Total Advance Music (SPb), Resistance Music (SPb), Respect Records (SPb), Fear Red (USA), Kinematic320 (Australia), Scientific (NL), Deputy (Holland), Soundkraft (Romania). Avec une approche différente au niveau de la composition et du mix, le style du russe est rapidement remarqué. Il joue au coté de grands comme Andy C, John B, SS, Optiv, Pyro, Noisia, Future Prophecies, Resound, Black Sun Empire et bien d'autres encore. Il continue de développer des productions toujours plus futuristes qui dépoussièrent un peu les règles classiques de la composition en drum'n'bass.

    user posted image

     Tracklist :

    01. Implex – Kin dza dza [Kinemtaic320 002]
    02. Implex – The Great Betrayer – ru version (unsigned)
    03. Cyb Orc – Sunflower (Implex remix) (unsigned)
    04. Implex – World for Sale! (unsigned)
    05. Bantom feat Implex – Nisyrum [Shadybrain forthcoming]
    06. Implex – You [Soundcraft forthcoming]
    07. Implex – Nonsence (unsigned)
    08. Implex – Ocean of Oceans [Covert Operations subs003]
    09. Implex & Mav – Chasm [Covert Operations subs003]
    10. Eclipse – Abyss (unsigned)
    11. Eclipse – Out of Sight (unsigned)
    12. Implex – Blind / Shape of time III (unsigned)
    13. Implex – Perfect Blue (unsigned)
    14. Implex & Voja – Snowflake (unsigned)
    15. Implex & Solaris – Sonar (unsigned)
    16. Implex – I disappear (unsigned)
    17. Implex & Lysergic Lady – Luv Fucktory [?Concrete Future?]  


     Born In Taiga / Guest : Electrosoul System


     Today you can hear live liquid-funk mix of new russian drum’n’bass star Electrosoul System ! It was recorded during party in the Western Siberia, Russia – Tomsk city.

    Electrosoul System Dossier :

    Electrosoul System is the production name of new Russian sensation Andrey Burtaev.
    Andrey’s history is going back to ’98 when he was exposed to production software by his brother.
    At first he didn’t really find the process interesting, even though being a strong follower of breakbeat genre, he continued trying his best to get into the realm of music production. And it wasn’t for nothing as you’d imagine, later on music literally changed his life, becoming the first passion and something he dedicated most of his free time to. Goldie’s album "Timeless" was one of the main inspirations to Andrey’s progression as a musician, it was something that was making him come back to the studio every day and work on expressing different things in music. He dreamed that some day he’d be able to do something close to a masterpiece that "Timeless" is and put feelings in the music in a manner that will be as haunting and dramatic. Discovering the world of enigmatic production duo Source Direct added more deeper edge to his production.
    But it was LTJ Bukem’s Progression Sessions compilation that completely pushed Andrey into the deeper side of things. That time he couldn’t dream that only few years later, in 2001, he will find LTJ Bukem cheering on his music and immediately offering to release it on his Good Looking Records.
    Not only LTJ Bukem snapped up 3 tracks for his drum&bass label, but also 2 tracks for downtempo outfit Cookin’, Danny Bukem was overwhelmed by the new talent he discovered.
    A year later Andrey was looking at Progression Sessions cd with his own music on it. He never felt more motivated in what he was doing.

    By that time Electrosoul System’s music was maintaing a strong pressence in dj sets of Good Looking residents LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Future Engineers, plus Big Bud and Blame who now parted GLO. But eventually Andrey started to feel an urge to explore other dimensions of drum&bass sound.
    He went back to experimenting with harder edged vibes, adding more dancefloor impact to his tracks, producing unique blend of techno influenced edginess and almost blinding sonic depth. These days you can see almost any style of d&b coming out of Electrosoul System’s studio, yet it’s almost impossible to mistake it for something else, the unforgettable depth is always there. Eclectic approach to expression is the key thing for Andrey at the moment : house music, downtempo, breakbeat are amongst those genres that you can find him producing with side projects.

    Electrosoul System can also be spotted branching out on dj circuit for the past few years. And it wasn’t long till he was offered to hold a residency at Moscow-based premier bi-monthly "Steppin’ Sessions" at Ballantine’s Bar. The only regular drum&bass event in Russia, going strong for 3 years and constantly exposing UK & international talent to Moscow’s night life, thus holding a very unique position.
    So far during his perfomances in Moscow and other russian cities, Electrosoul System have played alongside Goldie, Bad Company, Ill.Skillz, Blame, Muffler, LTJ Bukem, D-Bridge, Noisia, Mark "Ruff" Ryder, Freestylers, Nookie and Big Bud amongst others.
    Knowing Electrosoul System’s wide range of musical tastes, one of the Moscow’s top spots Courvoisie Cafe have recently offered Andrey to compile and mix a cd for Russia’s biggest mainstream music/culture magazine Afisha, it was released with a press run of 100.000 copies. Cd also featured an exclusive Electrosoul System mix of Ashley Slater’s(Freakpower) "Betterway". Electrosoul System is a frequent guest at the events in most of the post-soviet countries these days, but he has recently toured Austria and will be touring other european countries later in the year.

    And it all just starting up for him. Not forgetting forthcoming material scheduled for release on a wide range of labels, from top notch international imprints Defunked, Phuturo and Nerve, to more futuristic-oriented merchants like Fokuz, Cov.Ops, Scientific, Camino Blue, Midnight Sun and Test Flight. No wonder that Electrosoul System been causing bit of a buzz on a worldwide scene recently and his productions are getting attention from the likes of John B, LTJ Bukem, Marcus Intalex, Pendulum, High Contrast, Blame, Bryan Gee, L Double, JuJu, Nookie, The Upbeats, Mathematics, Psidream, Paul Reset, Noisia, Pyro as well as many premier european DJs


    Tracklisting (includes one french tune !) :

    1 Contour – Synspce (Bungle remix) / Blu Saphir Dub
    2 Logistics – Kaleidoscope / Hospital
    3 Cyantific & Tactile – Without Sound / Hospital
    4 High Contrast – When The Lights Go Down / Hospital
    5 Subfocus – Scarecrow / Ram
    6 London Electricity – Mustang Song / Hospital
    7 Electrosoul System – Goa (JuJu remix) / Phuturo
    8 Calibre – Drop It Down / Signature
    9 Nu Tone – Three Bags Full / Hospital
    10 Phoneheads feat Cleveland Watkiss – Roll That Stone (Roots & The Ego remix) / dub
    11 Raw Q – Vital Soul / Bingo
    12 London Electricity – The Strangest Secret In The World / Hospital
    13 TC – Lets Go / Valve
    14 Roni Size – Strictly Social (Nu Tone remix) / Liquid V
    15 Submorphics – Closer To You / Dub
    16 Redeyes – 90 (Got Over Love) / Dub
    17 Logistics – Front To Back / Innerground
    18 Die – Autumn (Commix remix) / Liquid V
    19 CLS & Wax – Quiet Perfect / Hospital
    20 Pendulum – Girl In The Fire / BBK
    21 Logistics – Together Vip / Hospital
    22 Subfocus – X Ray / Ram
    23 Mr L – Back To Your Roots / Mr L
    24 Nu Tone – Stay Strong / Hospital
    25 The White Stripes – Orchid (High Contrast remix) / XL
    26 Roni Size – No More (High Contrast remix) / V Recordings
    27 Electrosoul System – Sweet / Dub
    28 David Carbone – Totally Distracted / Defunked
    29 Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag / Talkin Loud


     Born In Taiga / Guest : Dj Wizard

     Dj Wizard aka Alex Zakharov is russian emigrant who lives in Canada
    for the last 11 years. He is co-founder of canadian drum'n'bass label
    Gamma Ray and also producer with the tracks released on
    respectable Looking Good and american imprint Make Shift.

    This mix consists 40% of russian stuff.

    Wizard – "Connecting The Dots" – Promotional mix.

    1. *Intro vs 0=0 – Call Detroit And Tell Them Bullshit
    2. D-Hut – Koa Oar
    3. ASC & Subwave – Storm System [Vibez]
    4. Galaxi – Leave (ASC remix)
    5. Method One – Flight zero
    6. Sunchase – Marazmatik (Electrosoul System & Profit rmx)
    7. Electrosoul System – Goa (Phuturo)
    8. Fanu – Tribes [Warm Communications]
    9. Photek – Ni Ten Chi Ryi [Photek Productions]
    10. ASC – Resolution rmx [Warm Communications]
    11. Dissident – Soulfisting
    12. Blame – Asylum [720]
    13. Psidream – Theorem [Covert Operations]
    14. Sky – Belissima
    15. Sky & Spectrata – 1917
    16. Bes – Empty Sight
    17. Stranjah & Gremlinz – 8th Spirit [Gamma Ray]
    18. Bill Cosby – Dope Pusher
    19. Barbitura – Naked Lunch
    20. Blame – Sirenoid [Good Looking]
    21. Third Rail – Incursion
    22. Plex – Showdown [720 MP3 release]
    23. Blame – Into The Void [Good Looking]
    24. Electrosoul System – Magic
    25. 0=0 – Plastic Zero [Dross:tik]
    26. Dissident – Nothing Outside Nothing
    27. D-Hut – Prozephine
    28. ASC – Alternate Souce [Gamma Ray MP3 release]
    29. Twister – Watercolour [Scientific MP3 release]
    30. Chris J – Tears Of Eos
    31. Heebus – Carbon Copy
    32. Future Engineers – Eon
    33. Seba – Sakka


     Born In Taiga / Guest : Purple Unit

    Purple Unit is a young producer from Ukraine. He already has one release
    on Paul B’s Step2Zero label.

    01. Purple Unit – Curtain (Analog Trust dub)
    02. Temper D & K Fire – Techno Notice (unsigned)
    03. arQer & realtime – Bukket Dub (unsigned)
    04. Art Pathos & J-Ryda – Torque (unsigned)
    05. Cyb Orc feat Sunchase – Tremor (unsigned)
    06. Chris.Su & Flack.Su – Corrosion (Step2Zero)
    07. Desimal – Circle Of Nine (unsigned)
    08. n0th1ng – Anima (unsigned)
    09. Cyb Orc – Consumed (unsigned)
    10. Overturn – Life After Death (Step2Zero dub)
    11. arQer & Realtime – Comin4U (Monkeybizness dub)
    12. Sky – Turn The Tides (unsigned)
    13. Purple Unit – Dream Time (Step2Zero)
    14. Bad M.F. feat. Bad Girl – Night & Day
    15. Art Pathos & Prode – El Nino (Recon dub)
    16. Nothing – Therapist (unsigned)
    17. Implex – Nucleo (Purple Unit Remix) (unsigned)


     Born In Taiga / Guest : Paul B

    Pavel Burakov’s (Paul B) career begins in early 1997. In 1999 he creates
    his first project along with two other influental producers – The Sounds
    of Infinity. This team has taken the minds of all russian d’n’b massive.

    After a few releases and performances all over Russia, Paul finds himself
    ready to take on the world scene and units with Alex Sta. Dj Trace discovers
    their talents and signs them to his label DSCi4. Breakthrough for russian
    scene !

    Sta and Paul B finally got the key to the world scene with their
    famous tracks such as "The Lick", "Step 2 Zero", "Gush", "Secrets Inside"
    and of course "Come Closer". These tunes have been cained by likes of
    Grooverider, Bad Company, Kemal, SS, J Majik, Optical, Marky and many
    more all over the world.

    A few months later Paul have discovered himself as a DJ and started to put
    his online studio mixes. Therefore Paul have found himself in great demand
    as a DJ and caused a ruckus everywhere he played : Austria, Estonia, Norway,
    Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and more.

    So far Paul B has releases on DSCi4, G2, Renegade Hardware, Sonix and,
    of course, his own label Step2Zero (which got distribution in UK and
    releases available in all major online shops).

    So, here is his last DJ mix.

    1 Nothing – Fusillade [S2Z forthcoming]
    2 Noisia, Mayhem & Pacific – Centrepod [BSE]
    3 Prode vs Temper D & K-Fire – Oolong [Unsigned]
    4 Larry NKO – Unknown [DSCi4]
    5 Skynet – Broken Law [Hostile]
    6 Counterstrike – Merciless [Unsigned]
    7 Paul B & Electrosoul System – 969 [S2Z]
    8 Chris.SU – Max Von Bass [Unsigned]
    9 Task Horison – Panic [DSCi4]
    10 Chemical Brothers – Galvanize bootleg
    11 Temper D & K-Fire – Tripswitch [Uprising]
    12 Arqer & Realtime – Run Away [Unsigned]
    13 Ben Sage – Nothing Inside [Unsigned]
    14 Muffler – Pandemonium [DSCi4]
    15 Sta & Paul B – Step To Zero (Paul B VIP) [S2Z forthcoming]



     Born In Taiga / Guest : Denis Duster

    Denis Duster got into jungle in the 2000 influenced by the Goldie’s tunes and
    mixes and also american producers Gridlok and Fusebox.

    Began to DJ in the 2002 in the siberian city Tomsk. Promoting d’n’b
    gigs since 2002 to 2005 under the label of "TUG.ru". During the promoter’s
    career Denis books the best russian d’n’b DJ’s from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    In the 2003 opens siberian drum’n’bass portal FrozenBass.RU together with
    the friends from Novosibirsk. This site becomes the first and the only
    source for jungle in Siberia.

    In the 2004 he joins the team of the main russian d’n’b site Jungle.RU.
    Plays as the DJ in siberian cities Novosibirsk and Nefteyugansk and releases
    a few own DJ mixes for local distribution. In the summer 2004 he visits
    the France and begins establishing the connection between Russia and France
    by bringing russian mixes to french radio’s – Ombilikal and Booya.

    In the 2005 he relocates to Moscow so he’s able now to realize his qualities
    in more wide shape.


    1) The Agency – Wanted [Unsigned]
    ]] The Roots – What you Want acapella
    2) Nothing – Soft Touch [Unsigned]
    3) Turtled – Helix Vibra Magic [Unsigned]
    4) Gosti iz Buduschego – Zima [Studiya Klassik]
    5) Sweed & Youthman – Crashin [Haze forthcoming]
    6) Turtled – Nonplusultra [Unsigned]
    7) Sunchase – Searching [Thermal forthcoming]
    8) Dissident – Lower Astral [Unsigned]
    9) Marihai – Vibe [Unsigned]
    10) Reverb – Stardom Collide [Unsigned]
    11) Sifu – Solenoid (D.Hut remix) [Thermal forthcoming]
    12) Rido & Hellium – Nothing [Unsigned]
    13) Kush, Brooxs & Youthman – Frisco [4th Pole]
    14) Rido – Equilibrium [Unsigned]
    15) Nothing – Fussilade [Step2Zero forthcoming]
    16) Earsut – Unlogistic [New Hope]
    ]]] Jamalski & Chakal 900 – Reppin [Unsigned]
    17) Unknown – Star Inside [Unsigned]
    18) D.Hut – Time is Now [Unsigned]
    19) Agent Smith – Zavalyu Snegom (Paralyzah Remix) [Unsigned]
    20) Anakyne & Soper – Rumours [Under Pressure]


     Born In Taiga / Guest : Logical

     Logical is a young dj and producer from Moscow, Russia. He participates in one of the most successful Moscow Drum and bass crews called Technoid Connection.
    He's doing techy sound and currently signed to such labels as Freak,
    Step2Zero, Recon, Obscene.

    Mix is called Paranormal Activity Episode 3 and consists mostly of dubplates
    and usigned tracks made by ex-USSR and foreign producers.

    Tracklisting (** – tease) :
    01. Corrupt Souls – Racer X [Recon Dub]
    02. Seneca – Wormtank (Mindscape Remix) [Unsigned]
    03. Milo – Black Hawk Down (VIP) [Unsigned]
    04. Prolix & Cortex – Mainline [Unsigned]
    **. Fission – Pulsar [Logistic]
    05. Logical & Seneca – Execution [Unsigned]
    06. Noisia – Desolation [Armada]
    07. Cyb Orc – Sunflower (Implex Remix) [Unsigned]
    08. Cyb Orc – Ausweis Control [Full Force Dub]
    **. Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hard (Lil’ Jon Remix)
    09. Kaiser – Ormus [Barcode]
    10. Sinthetix – C4 [Recon Dub]
    11. Spinor – Mutex [Unsigned]
    12. Konflict – The Beckoning [Renegade Hardware]
    13. Cyb Orc – Final Transmission [Full Force Dub]
    **. J-Kwon – Tipsy
    14. Corrupt Souls – Machines [Citrus]
    15. Telemetrik – Monochrome [Telemetrik]
    16. Stakka & Skynet – Night Lore [Audio Blueprint]
    17. Sunchase – Final Vision [Quake Audio Dub]
    **. Ludacris – Move Bitch
    18. Noisia – Vanishing Point [Shadow Law]
    19. Noisia & Milo & Prolix – Monolith [Unsigned] – Unfinished
    20. Sunchase – Save Us [Recon Dub]
    21. The Upbeatz – Slit [Square One]
    22. Logical & Prode – El Nino [Recon Dub]
    23. Kemal & Rob Data – The Encrypter [Dsci4]
    24. Prode & Sunchase – Random Murder [Concrete Future Dub]
    25. Sunchase – The Mole [Recon Dub]
    26. Purple Unit – Special K [Unsigned]
    27. Spinor – Once More [Fokuz Dub]
    28. Mav – Ocean Phantom [Armada Dub]
    **. Akon Feat. P.Styles – Locked Up
    29. Dissident & Cryo – Pop Art [Unsigned]


     Born In Taiga / Guest : Electro Soul System

    Andrey, aka Electro Soul System, vit à  Moscou et a dejà  signé plusieurs de ses productions Drum and Bass sur des labels tels que Good Looking, Nerve, Defunked, Midnight Sun.
    Cette émission accueillera plusieurs invités tout au long de l'année, mixs, dubplates,… et permettra de mettre en avant la scène drum'n bass russe!


    -1. Contour – Synapse / BluSaphir (dub)
    -2. Electrosoul System – Love Can Be Real (dub)
    -3. Koop – Summer Sun (Carlito Vocal remix) (Stimulus)
    -4. Electrosoul System – Downtown (dub)
    -5. Electrosoul System – Think Twice (dub)
    -6. Nu Tone – E Spresso (Chihuahua)
    -7. Physics & Electrosoul System – Higher & Higher (Midnight Sun dub)
    -8. Greg Packer & Shureshock – Wonderful Day part 2 (Phuturistic Blues)
    -9. Electrosoul System – Come Closer (dub)
    -10. Electrosoul System – Substance (Defunked dub)
    -11. Beat Konexion – Every Man (Physics remix) (BluSaphir dub)

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