Dubstep.NET Volume 1 – Mixed by NAZA ( Free )

After over a year of “Monthly Mixes”, we’ve finally come to the conclusion that it makes much more sense to release our prized Dubstep Mixes in a series of Volumes instead of Monthly Installments. For Dubstep.NET Volume 1, our very own NAZA will take you on a wild and adventurous ride through some of our very favorite tracks from July and August – dig in, and ENJOY!

FREE DOWNLOAD: on.fb.me/13i2Chz
Track List:

1. Hesitate by Mitekiss ft. Mr Porter (Dublime Remix) – Dubstep.NET Exclusive: www.dubstep.net/track/hesitate-by-mitekiss-ft-mr
2. Swashbuckle by LoBounce & Flinch: www.dubstep.net/track/swashbuckle…y-lobounce-flinch
3. Astronauts by Diamond Eyes: www.dubstep.net/track/astronauts-by-diamond-eyes
4. Atom & Eve by Meta: www.dubstep.net/track/atom-eve-by-meta
5. Bring The Rain by Candyland (AFK Remix): www.dubstep.net/track/bring-the-rain-by-candyland
6. Carry Me by Brookes Brothers ft. Chrom3 (Stinkahbell Remix) – Dubstep.NET Exclusive: www.dubstep.net/track/carry-me-by-brookes-brothers
7. Mr. French by Mantis: www.dubstep.net/track/mr-french-by-mantis
8. Can’t Touch This by Savant: www.dubstep.net/track/cant-touch-this-by-savant
9. Something About You by E.K.O ft. Maya Maman (Noxes Remix): www.dubstep.net/track/something-about-you-by-e-k-o
10. Bussitup by Dirt Monkey: www.dubstep.net/track/bussitup-by-dirt-monkey
11. Blow Your Speakers by Filth Collins: www.dubstep.net/track/blow-your-speakers-by-filth
12. Bedtime by Diamond Pistols & AFK: www.dubstep.net/track/bedtime-by-…amond-pistols-afk
13. Jeffrey by Timeline & Artistry – Dubstep.NET Exclusive: www.dubstep.net/track/jeffrey-by-timeline-artistry
14. Blossom by Au5: www.dubstep.net/track/blossom-by-au5
15. When The Light Shines by M-one ft Ngaire Blackman: www.dubstep.net/track/when-the-li…t-shines-by-m-one
16. No Stranger by Den5ity: www.dubstep.net/track/no-stranger-by-den5ity
17. Mushroom Factory by Panda Eyes: www.dubstep.net/track/mushroom-fa…ory-by-panda-eyes
18. Blank Notes by Dubsective: www.dubstep.net/track/blank-notes-by-dubsective
19. Chasing Ghosts by Collin McLoughlin: www.dubstep.net/track/chasing-ghosts-by-collin
20. One Desire by Collin McLoughlin www.dubstep.net/track/one-desire-by-collin
21. Stinger by Oliver Heldens (Spag Heddy Remix): www.dubstep.net/track/stinger-by-…iver-heldens-spag
22. Surrounded by BT & Aqualung (Au5 & Fractal Remix): www.dubstep.net/track/surrounded-by-bt-aqualung-au
23. Humanity by Phasmo: www.dubstep.net/track/humanity-by-phasmo
24. Born Enemies by Truth: www.dubstep.net/track/born-enemies-by-truth
25. Shatter by IO: www.dubstep.net/track/shatter-by-io
26. The Future by SPL ft. Nathaniel Knows – Dubstep.NET Exclusive: www.dubstep.net/track/the-future-…-spl-ft-nathaniel
27. Urchin by Fractal: www.dubstep.net/track/urchin-by-fractal

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